Friday, May 6, 2011

Lessons From the Nate Berkus 250 Square Foot Makeover

Here is a fun link to a re-designed apartment by Nate Berkus:

When I see stuff like that, sometimes I can't help but think, "yeah, well, try that kind of a challenge with a family!"  I'd love to challenge Nate Berkus with my own family's apartment.  But I guess in a way, I'm facing this challenge myself.  Too bad I am not nearly as capable as Nate Berkus.

Anyway, while the style of this particular apartment is not my own style, I really love the creativity and the nod to an antique method of room decoration.  It totally seems to fit the woman who actually lives in the apartment, which is the whole point of good design, I think.  Not to mention that the chandelier really is gorgeous (and I'm not even much of a chandelier person).  Even if nothing else had been done, that chandelier would have been lovely.

So lesson #1 is that one well-planned piece (like a chandelier) can really help transform a space.

The second thing that occurred to me as I watched the video is how much clothing this woman has.  You may recall that we have designed to take seven outfits each.  This move is about sustainable living for us too, and having seven outfits we like will be enough. 

Lesson #2 is perhaps the most important lesson I've learned yet in this journey.  The lesson is that the problem with moving into a smaller home isn't needing more space, it is needing less stuff.  The less stuff you have to store, the more room you have to live.  I am eager to start living!

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