Friday, July 1, 2011

Bulky Pieces Can Still Have a Role In Small Spaces

I got the link to this cute DIY mobile children's reading nook, on wheels (featured on kojodesigns) from Apartment Therapy.  It is made largely from re-purposed materials, which I love.

It got me to thinking about small spaces and big pieces.  On one hand, my gut reaction to moving into a smaller space is "let's shrink all our furniture."  I have gotten rid of a large amount of furniture in order to truly downsize, and I still worry about the size of my furniture.  My kids have these bulky, chunky wood bunkbeds, for example, that we've decided eventually have to go in order to have a more slender alternative.  I just don't want to be bumping into furniture in the apartment, and I also think that too much furniture will make the place look much smaller than it is. In all spaces, the amount and size of the furniture should be appropriate to the space.  

But there is another risk, which is the risk of giving the place a stark look by over-minimalization.  I think having a few well-chosen, chunky pieces can balance out an otherwise fairly minimalist approach.  I also think that clutter is the bigger danger in a small space than bulk of furniture.