The move is the result of Masasa accepting, on a one-year deferment, an offer to attend a particular grad school program.  She will begin the program next fall (2011).

The reasons for moving in particular to a small space range from practical to ideological:
  • The housing that is available.
  • The cost of housing and the family's projected income during the coming three to six years.
  • A scheme to avoid paying as many utilities as possible.
  • Valuing time together as a family over having more space.
  • The high ecological impact of larger housing options.
  • The desire to take full advantage of as many on-campus opportunities as possible.
  • The desire for a location that provides the opportunity to be nearly car-free (owning one vehicle for only occasional use).  The belief that more people being car-free is better for whole communities on numerous levels.
  • Homes are big responsibilities.  Bigger homes are bigger responsibilities.  Just trying to raise a family feels like enough responsibilities. 
  • A belief that the economy will quite possibly change fundamentally over the next 20-30 years, and a belief that most folks will have to get used to having far less space.
  • Having experienced something like being "house poor" and wanting to never return to it.
  • A love of larger spaces but a tendency toward sloppiness in and under-use of larger spaces.
  • The desire for a location that provides the greatest possible level of cultural richness and an environment that emphasizes learning.