Masasa: The blogger.  Also the reason for the move.  Really appreciates art and design, but can't do much of either.  Likes things very clean and organized and is too much of a perfectionist to even try to meet her own standards.  Not handy.  Likes adventure. 

Manina: The blogger's wife.  Dreads the move.  Isn't as focused on art and design, but can do a little of both.  Likes things clean but doesn't mind "lived in," and will take whatever she can accomplish.  Semi-handy.  Wishes things would stay the same more often.

Sweet Boy: Five year old son of blogger and blogger's wife.  Dreads the move.  Loves art and design, and likes clean houses.  A little handy, for a five year old.  Wishes things would stay the same as they are now, only cleaner.

Sweet Girl: Four year old daughter of blogger and blogger's wife.  Both dreads and looks forward to the move.  Could go either way on art and design, and has a tendency toward making chaos.  Tries to be handy and sometimes is quite successful.  Has a love-hate relationship with adventure.

In case you have been wondering: Masasa and Manina's handles both come from Sweet Boy and Sweet Girl, who made them up.