The move will take place this coming summer of 2011.  The living arrangement will last anywhere from three to six years. 

Check back at this tab to follow progress on the to-do list.  As items are completed, they will be crossed out (like this).

To-Do With the Old House
  • Pack Giving myself credit because phase one is completed, at least.  We've packed and moved to temporary housing, but still have a lot to sort through.
  • Get rid of stuff not needed Started
  • Store any stuff to be kept for some later date Again, phase one is completed.
  • Do necessary repairs or updates on the house
  • Paint areas of the house needing new paint We did a little, the renters are doing the rest, though we need to return to do the back fence and steps.
  • Clean the house from top to bottom 
  • Stage the house to get rid of it
  • Get out of the house to make it easier to get rid of
  • Get rid of the house (Rent it out?  Sell it?) Renters have moved in.

To-Do For the New Apartment
  • Decide on an apartment
  • Rent the apartment
  • Set up utilities (including finally getting cell phones) Started. Have a trial cell phone, anyway.
  • Design the apartment Started
  • Unpack
  • Buy any necessary items
  • Try to achieve the design (this will be divided into more bullets once it is clear what the design entails)

To-Do For the Move in General
  • Get jobs Half done
  • Figure out a good schooling situation for the kids Working on it
  • Enroll the kids in school, if applicable Well, they are enrolled, but the school is problematic, so...
  • Get bikes and a laptop
  • Teach the kids to ride bikes Started
  • Get in shape so downsizing to one-car isn't too traumatic Working on it
  • Find new doctors, therapists, and all that stuff Working on it
  • Do all the change-of-address stuff Started