Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Note On Color

Everything I am reading seems to imply that we will be able to paint the walls in our apartment, whichever it is, as long as we end up on campus.

I must say, I am feeling very mixed.  There are so many ways to use color on walls in small spaces to bring them to the next level.  All the below photos come from Apartment Therapy.  I've credited all photos and linked to the original.  First, check out this baby titled: "Laura's Sophisticated Studio:"

However, I've noticed that a bright white works magic in expanding spaces and making them feel less cluttered.  Check out how welcoming and yet crisp everything looks in the space below. It's not my own style, but I can really appreciate the choices here including the value of the bright white walls (are those white/sheer curtains on the window, as well, or am I seeing things?).  In this apartment, which is named "Jordan's Light, Location, & Vibe," if you look in the far right corner of the living room you can actually see the fold-out dining room table I was looking at on the IKEA website:

And I also love some colors but wouldn't want to feel bathed in them, which I think is a bit of a risk in a small space.  In the below case, I feel uncomfortably bathed (just my own personal preference), but probably moreso than I would have felt with a less reflective oven.  This is called "Lindsay's Little and Luxurious:"

And then there are a lot of possibilities for making a place "pop" without necessarily painting a wall, or at least not a whole one.  The apartment below is the just the coolest teeny tiny apartment at 270 square feet.  Yes, if you check it out, you will find that it is cluttered (which I am hoping our place will not be) but at 270 square feet, if you are interesting and actually live in your space, what can you expect?  In many other ways, it is so my style.  This great space is called "Melissa's Maxed-Out Minimalism" for some unknown reason:

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