Monday, April 11, 2011

Form and Function!

So a friend of a friend has this amazing musical furnishings business.  Amazing!  You have got to see it:

The inspiring and motivating website is  On the surface, me sharing this here may seem a bit, well, odd. Most of the time on this blog I've been looking at space-conserving furniture, and of course loud furniture would be problematic with the thin walls of our little "dorm apartment."  (Besides, at this stage in my life I can't even come close to being able afford it anyway, as tempting as it is to justify, say, the Treasure Chest xylophone as something that could still be fit into a larger downsizing scheme.)

But I am posting this here anyway because it serves as a wonderful illustration of my basic take on furnishing our apartment.  I have so little space to spare that *any* piece I have should really be both functional and beautiful.  If it is not one or the other, it will diminsh rather than give the sense of "growing" the space.  At the rate we are moving, it may be a year or two into our downsized life before we get to that point, but that is the goal.

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