Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Switchplates and Small Touches

The whole point of this blog, besides simply being my account of my family's experience in downsizing is this:

1. Whole families, with children, can downsize successfully.
2. Even when a whole family is doing it, downsizing can be done in style.

With regard to item #2, my feeling is that one of the issues in downsizing to a small space is that small, finishing touches make a much bigger difference.

I've been thinking about that lately because all of the sudden, I have begun to feel that switchplates are of utmost importance.  They simply finish off rooms.

Here are some of the fun switchplates I've been admiring on Etsy:

T-rex by Joel Nakamura

Lotteria Men by ShrineOn

Double Aqua by TurnMeOnArt

Guadalupe from exiconoclast

Day of the Dead from LuCrafts

Madrid by funkychickendesign

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