Friday, February 4, 2011

Progress Report

To-Do With the Old House
  • Pack: Started with a small number of items that are not needed in our home at this time
  • Get rid of stuff not needed: Started, as I pack
  • Store any stuff to be kept for some later date: Started, as I get things packed
  • Do necessary repairs or updates on the house
  • Paint areas of the house needing new paint
  • Clean the house from top to bottom
  • Stage the house to get rid of it
  • Get out of the house to make it easier to get rid of
  • Get rid of the house (Rent it out?  Sell it?): Have hung up a "for rent" sign and posted a listing on Craigslist, even though it is early

To-Do For the New Apartment
  • Decide on an apartment: Have generally narrowed down our options to on-campus housing
  • Rent the apartment
  • Set up utilities (including finally getting cell phones)
  • Design the apartment: Have been researching design for small apartments
  • Unpack
  • Buy any necessary items
  • Try to achieve the design (this will be divided into more bullets once it is clear what the design entails)

To-Do For the Move in General
  • Get jobs: Have sent out 10+ resumes for Masasa and 1 or 2 for Manina
  • Figure out a good schooling situation for the kids: Have visited the majority of magnet schools
  • Enroll the kids in school, if applicable
  • Get bikes and a laptop
  • Teach the kids to ride bikes
  • Get in shape so downsizing to one-car isn't too traumatic: Manina has started working out daily
  • Find new doctors, therapists, and all that stuff
  • Do all the change-of-address stuff

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