Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Latest Plan For Dishes

A while back a little craze for "silverware cozies" or "silverware pouches" got started.  The idea was that you could bring your silverware to potlucks and such so as not to use the plastic disposables. 

My sister wrote about making a cute one for herself a couple of years ago on her blog: Cute DIY To-Go Ware.  I've also seen them on a regular basis over at Etsy.  Here's a lovely one at a very cool Etsy shop called PattyPanShop:

Utensil Cozy - Simply Black and White  DC-10

I don't know what brought these to mind, but I started thinking about them today, and I had an idea.  As I've mentioned, our plan is to have one set of dishes (plate, bowl, cup or mug, fork, knife, and spoon) per family member.  Because our kitchen is tiny, this will save on storage space, and since we won't have a dishwasher, a side benefit is that we will have motivation to each wash our own dishes after every meal.

My thought is to create from fabric a long rectangular panel to hang on the wall.  The panel will be divided into four sections, and each section will have pockets or elastic holders for one person's dishes.  If it is hung vertically, the lower ones can be for the kids and the higher ones for the adults. 

If it is made from thick fabric, or put together quilt style with adequate batting, I'm thinking we should be able to put our dishes away and let them dry in their permanent spots rather than having them dry on a space-hogging drying rack in the kitchen. 

The panel can then be hung as wall art in the living room near the dining table (which will probably be the table with the leaves that drop down so we can push it against the wall to use as a practical or decorative table between meals), taking it out of the tiny kitchen entirely and leaving more wall space in there for things like art and magnetic hanging knife holders.

I'm imagining a mix of fabrics, sort of Oilily style.

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